The Unsung Heroes of Covid-19: Field Inspectors
Apr 20

Our message is clear: we’re open for business, and our team members are eager to work. However, as an industry, we must unite to support our inspectors during this challenging time. Inspectors play a crucial role in maintaining safety and operational standards, yet they need our collective support to navigate this period. It’s vital that we provide them with the necessary resources, protective measures and reassurances they require to continue their important work safely and efficiently.

By supporting them now, we ensure that they emerge from this crisis stronger and more capable, ready to tackle the demands of a post-pandemic world. As a community and industry, let’s commit to safeguarding the well-being of these essential workers so they can perform their duties without compromise. Together, we can overcome these obstacles and emerge more resilient than before.

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The Unsung Heroes of Covid-19: Field Inspectors
The Unsung Heroes of COVID-19: Field Inspectors