Supporting a Global Organization with Dynamic Project Management Solutions

A global leader in testing, inspection, and certification faced a challenge when they required an additional 25 trained professionals for a military housing inspection project. CEG Assessments stepped in, offering tailored project management solutions through a detailed consultation and recruitment process, ensuring a perfect fit for the company's needs. This partnership resulted in a 25% increase in performance metrics, with CEG's team outshining other groups in both quality and quantity. Their approach not only enhanced the project's success but also fostered a lasting and evolving relationship between the two companies.

Your sales Equals Our Operations

At CEG Assessments, we pride ourselves on delivering custom-tailored solutions and building meaningful partnerships. After a consultation to understand what information your organization needs and when you need it, our team gets to work conducting assessments specific to your company. The end report is everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

Program Management Pain Point


Geographical Reach

At CEG, we strategically partner with inspectors at key geographic locations across the country. Through these valuable partnerships, we ensure that no matter where a project requires us to be, we can be there for you.


Regular KPI reporting

Our dedicated team of inspectors functions as integral members of your project team, collaborating closely to provide tailored data solutions that not only keep you well-informed but also ensure the smooth progression of your project.


Collaboration and Partnerships

When CEG enters into a master service agreement with you, it is not just about taking on a specific project. It is also about taking on a meaningful partnership.


Trained Staff

Our goal is to have the most personable and knowledgeable staff that we can provide to our contracting partners. We hire for fit and train for performance so that you feel that our team is a seamless extension of your own.


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