Providing Dynamic Project Management Solutions

Mar 24

Project Management Case Study

The Challenge

A global leader in testing, inspection and certification services (TIC) needed to expand its workforce for a critical military housing inspection project. Seeking specialized project management solutions, the company reached out to CEG.

The Solution

CEG conducted a thorough consultation with the company, taking the time to establish a meaningful partnership that fully understood the company’s unique needs, project details and timeline. CEG also shadowed the company’s employees to gain a comprehensive understanding of the skills, traits and behaviors required of an ideal candidate. Throughout this process, CEG crafted the company’s official purpose statement and tagline. This new messaging was adopted throughout the entire organization and served as a driving force in the recruitment process.

After creating a purpose statement and tagline tailored to the company’s uniqueness, CEG utilized the messaging and its extensive network to recruit highly trained candidates. With these methods, CEG garnered a significantly large recruitment funnel of qualified candidates.

Operating as a seamless extension of the company, CEG then used an in-depth screening process to narrow the recruitment funnel of 1,000 candidates down to 500 and then again to the top 10 prospects. Each candidate was screened to confirm whether or not they were qualified professionals who were not only technically qualified but also aligned with the company’s culture. Of the top 10 prospects that CEG presented to the company, 95% of the candidates were hired and formed into a field team.

CEG then skillfully prepared the candidates through a combination of role-playing, scripted practices and behavioral training. By equipping the candidates with these valuable training resources, CEG helped them shape the skills needed to successfully execute the project and deliver a higher yield than other teams on the project.

Throughout the project, CEG consistently employed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) reporting to ensure that its team of inspectors operated seamlessly within the company’s project framework. These KPIs included a higher yield of units expected. CEG also created and implemented processes, compensation strategies and other motivational tools to elevate its team further and ensure high-level performance.

The Results

Throughout the project, CEG’s team performed 25% higher in quality and quantity metrics than other teams, delivering a higher yield on the project than any other firm in the country. Three of CEG’s candidates also became project leaders. “The teams that CEG led invested in the training and leadership, and they had a great attitude and approach to the entire program,” said Nestor Benavides, CEO of the company. “Where a lot of other groups struggled with the logistics and complexity of it, they really embraced it and made it part of the fun and the mission.”

The value delivered by CEG is emphasized through its ability to provide tailored solutions. “One of the reasons that CEG has been successful with our company is that they’ve constantly been willing, able and interested in evolving with our needs,” Benavides said. “When you find partners like CEG, it becomes a very long and fruitful relationship.”


May 20

At CEG, we are dedicated to providing our clients with essential services in a manner that prioritizes safety and conscientiousness. To protect the health of our clients and team members amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have established comprehensive safety protocols based on the latest CDC guidelines.

At least 48 hours before each property inspection, our team contacts clients to outline our safety measures, ensuring everyone is informed and prepared. Our protocols include conducting a Self Health Check for each team member, equipping our vehicles with necessary protective gear such as masks and gloves and ensuring all equipment is disinfected before entering client buildings.

During each inspection, our team adheres strictly to safety practices, including wearing protective gear, maintaining social distancing and meticulously cleaning all surfaces we interact with. We are committed to not just meeting, but exceeding, health safety standards to prevent any risk of transmission.

Our goal is to continue providing top-notch services while ensuring the safety and well-being of both your team and ours. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to serving you with the utmost care and responsibility during these challenging times.

The Unsung Heroes of Covid-19: Field Inspectors

Apr 20

Our message is clear: we’re open for business, and our team members are eager to work. However, as an industry, we must unite to support our inspectors during this challenging time. Inspectors play a crucial role in maintaining safety and operational standards, yet they need our collective support to navigate this period. It’s vital that we provide them with the necessary resources, protective measures and reassurances they require to continue their important work safely and efficiently.

By supporting them now, we ensure that they emerge from this crisis stronger and more capable, ready to tackle the demands of a post-pandemic world. As a community and industry, let’s commit to safeguarding the well-being of these essential workers so they can perform their duties without compromise. Together, we can overcome these obstacles and emerge more resilient than before.

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Providing Dynamic Project Management Solutions
Providing Dynamic Project Management Solutions
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The Unsung Heroes of Covid-19: Field Inspectors
The Unsung Heroes of COVID-19: Field Inspectors