Aug 20

As one of the nation’s leading partners in reserve studies, our process is an extremely important and special component for us. Reserve studies are often an overwhelming, daunting event for people and companies. But, through our process we make it a manageable, simplified task that provides everything our clients need to meet their goals. 


  • For us, it all starts with listening to you and really gaining an understanding of your needs. We’ll go through an initial discovery call with your team to outline some goals and establish a plan moving forward.


  • Once we have an in-depth understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish, our team connects with the appropriate personnel on your side. From building engineers to maintenance professionals, we talk to the people with the institutional knowledge behind your property. 


  • When we gather all the pertinent background information we need, we’ll then perform our property inspection. Our team investigates and analyzes the space through both a building science and financial planning lens. 


  • Upon completion of our inspection, we’ll present a variety of options on a funding call to your HOA or POA and discuss the next possible steps you can take. 


  • Once again, we’re here to understand your unique needs. Based on the information we present and the choices you make, we’ll craft the best plan that meets your goal.


These five steps outline our process, but don’t define our entire relationship with clients. We’re in this with you long-term and want to do everything on our end to make sure your development is successful for years to come.

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